Insurance is a highly competitive industry. Not only are there many insurance companies, but each company has many agents, sometimes within the same geographical region. Therefore, insurance agents are not only competing against other companies, but also other agents within their companies. The best way for agents to gain a competitive advantage is through their marketing strategies. These are a few tips to help you navigate your insurance marketing.

Investigate Automation

Did you know that some of your marketing can be automated? In fact, automated marketing tools ae used by 51% of top companies because they improve customer retention. Today’s tools may include social media management, email and website content production and updating. New tools are developed every day to automate marketing and other business functions. If you aren’t using automation to improve your efficiency, you may want to explore their benefits and capabilities.

Start a Blog

If you are working for a major insurance company, you may have a website associated with your company. The company will provide valuable information or content for your site. However, if you want to truly set yourself apart from the competition, and your company doesn’t have any rules against it, consider starting your own blog or personal website where you can include additional content. For example, you may discuss tips and tricks that helped you, information about your community and deeper information about your products and services. You may also include customer reviews.

Create Videos About Your Products

Most consumers would rather watch a video than read a blog post. If you aren’t producing videos, you could be missing out. Not only do videos allow your clients and potential clients get to know you, but they also learn more about your products, which tends to speed up their decision-making processes. In fact, watching videos encourages 40% of prospective customers to contact the company, according to Forbes.

Just like your blog content, your videos can focus on new and existing insurance services and how they help your clients. You can also address frequently asked questions or live stream events you attend, with the permission of the host, of course. Any community involvement may also be filmed and posted.

Exploit Your Social Media

Use your social media to share your information. Not only can you repost your blog and video content on all your social media accounts, but you can also purchase advertising to expand your reach. Don’t hesitate to contact and follow key businesses and individuals in your community.

A great marketing strategy should include digital marketing. Insurance agents have many opportunities to implement digital strategies to grow their businesses and expand their networks.