Purchase Order & Trade Financing

Purchase Order Financing for Your Business

Suppliers play an important role in your business’ success. Keeping them paid ensures continued growth and smooth operations. When you suddenly attract more customers and larger orders Jasema Capital’s purchase order financing may be the ideal solution for your growing business. Whether you deal in imports, exports or domestic production, our purchase order loans help your business stay on track.

Our Purchase Order Loans

Jasema Capital’s purchase order loans involve a simple process. We pay suppliers on your behalf, which released your goods for shipment. Once your customers have their orders, we collect payment directly from them. We deduct our fees and send you the net balance.

    Our P.O. financing is fast and easy, offering several great benefits:

    Fast & Flexible Capital

    No bank debt & keep your equity

    Grow Your Sales

    On-time customer deliveries

    Access to More Resources

    Increase Market Share

    Build strong & preferred relationships

    Producers, wholesalers, resellers and distributors can use our purchase order loans to meet new challenges and seize lucrative opportunities. Our loans are especially useful for startups and businesses with challenging credit histories and cash flow issues.

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