Dental Financing

Is Your Dental Practice Ready to Grow?

Jasema Capital has unique business financing loans and lines of credit designed for dentists, orthodontists, periodontists, pedodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons. With an established track record of providing dental specialist financing, our team of professional loan consultants specialize in delivering the trusted lending services you need to save on financing and keep your practice profitable.

At Jasema, our focus is to get you the capital you need when you need it, all while providing seasoned guidance to help you maximize your return on investment. Running a successful dental practice takes much more than just dental school training. It also takes ongoing access to capital to remain relevant and profitable. Banks continue to tighten their lending requirements resulting in diminished access to such dental practice loans. This means that many dental practitioners are forced into more expensive financing options to make ends meet.

Dental practice loans and lines of credit are available to any dental professional who needs capital to fund projects such as equipment financing, inventory financing, building renovations, practice expansions, upgrading computer systems, paying off outstanding debt, buy out a business partner, licenses, signage, adding ancillary services, marketing and advertising, buying a new dental practice, stabilizing cash flow for emergencies and opportunities.

Here are some valuable options to put dental financing to work in your business:

  • Remodel your offices
  • Purchase or upgrade equipment and technology
  • Provide additional training or hire new staff
  • Paying off student loans or other outstanding debts
  • Buy a dental practice
  • Add new ancillary services
  • Bridge private carrier or Medicare/Medicaid insurance payments
  • Buy out a business partner or buy into a new opportunity
  • Overcoming short-term cash gaps
  • Take advantage of other business opportunities


Patient Financing

From cavities to root canals, implants or braces, Jasema Dental Finance also offers financing and servicing programs for your patients.

The benefits of Jasema Dental’s finance patient finance program:

Attract More Customers

By offering financing, you will be able to increase your customer base through extending to those who are unable to pay upfront.

Confident Payments

You will not have to worry about collecting payments. We will absorb the payment responsibility while you focus on your business.

Open Ended Loans

Jasema’s patient finance program allows you to present open-ended lines of credit to potential customers, with the option to not have their credit ran.


Our Patient Finance Program leverages a unique technology platform for client interactions, which eases the process of loan payments.


We care about your customer’s security. Our superior system was designed to assure the utmost security for sensitive information


Jasema Dental’s Finance Program offers lender discounts as low as 8.25%, and allows approvals down to sub 500 FICO scores.

Jasema Dental Finance will provide you the one-on-one support you deserve to ensure your loan is customized to specifically meet your needs and your individual business situation.  Whether you’re upgrading your equipment and technology, adding new clinical services, or simply improving your cash flow while waiting on historically slow insurance payments, we are here to help. And when you apply for funding through Jasema Dental, the interest you pay on your loan is tax deductible!

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