You’ve done your research and you’ve created a product/service that people are in need of. Now, it’s time to move from a startup to the growing phase of your business. This requires that you have the resources and partners in place to help you make this move.

These next steps are absolutely critical to grow your company, so you will want to do whatever you can to avoid mistakes. When you have a plan in place, as well as the appropriate resources and tools, you will be able to accomplish your short-term goals, such as purchasing equipment and hiring employees. These short-term goals will ultimately help you expand your product line and generate profit.

In this article, we’ll explain the 3 steps to grow your company successfully.

3 Steps to Grow Your Company

Develop a business plan- and write it out.

If you care about your business, you don’t want to just “wing it”. By growing your company, you ensure long-term sustainability and success. As a successful business owner, you know that you need a plan in place to grow your company. Not only do you need to develop a business plan, but you also need to write it out, monitor it, and make changes as needed.

Think about what drives your growth and how you can make that happen. Are you going to need additional funds? Will you need to hire more employees? Will you eventually add more locations? Be sure to think through and answer these questions, as well as come up with solutions within your business plan.

Establish a network of professional advisors to help you

You want to be an efficient business owner. You’re going to be busy with the daily operations of the business, so you won’t be able to know and do everything. If you want to grow your company, you’ll need a team of advisors to help.

You need to look for legal counsel to advise you on legal issues and help you understand complicated contracts. An accountant can help you manage cash flow and financial statements, as well as assist with tax prep.

Most importantly, you’ll need an insurance agent to protect your assets and operations, as well as protect your business against the loss of a key employee through key person life insurance.

Make the customer your number 1 priority

Your business is not going to grow without revenue, and you won’t have revenue if you don’t have customers. therefore, make sure that you take the time to get to know your customers and make sure that your products/services have value.

You must focus on your current customers as well as reach out to new ones. This may mean connecting with them in person, via email or social media, and offering top-quality customer service.


As a business owner, you must take the proper steps to grow your company. These steps can help. If you will focus on these, you will be the proud owner of a successful, profitable company before you know it. If you need more support, contact Jasema Capital. We can advise you from start to success.