Distressed Note Acquisitions

Distressed Note Acquisitions

Distressed note acquisitions can be delicate transactions, with the onus placed on the buyer to gather information about debt such as legal ramifications, terms, covenants, and the type of property used as collateral. Jasema Capital has the capital resources and years of expertise to handle distressed note acquisitions, so you do not have to worry about the risk involved. Our team will look over the transaction to assess the profitability of the transaction and offer a financing solution to help you come out on top.
Acquisition Financing

Distressed Note Financing Options

Most distressed note acquisitions usually fall into senior or subordinated debt categories.

At Jasema Capital, we offer financing solutions for distressed note acquisitions, including:

  • Non-recourse debt options
  • Direct purchasing and transfer of ownership
  • Single loans for single purchases
  • Customized options for multiple note acquisitions

Loan Modification

  • Low FICO scores
  • Low liquidity and poor global cash flow
  • Tax liens and Pending NODs Flexible Financing:
  • Title violations
  • Recent mortgage lates
  • Low historical collections
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Atypical mixed-use property

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If you are looking into distressed note acquisitions, you need a financial partner with the capital resources and experience to ensure successful transactions. Contact Jasema Capital today, and our team will provide solutions to ensure your acquisitions go off without a hitch.

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