Finding the right marketing mix can be overwhelming, especially for entrepreneurs who are still learning about the process. From traditional methods like radio advertisements to digital tactics like posting on social media platforms, it can be difficult to figure out what to choose. No matter what combination of tactics is chosen, launching an email marketing campaign can be a great idea.

1. Ease of Use

Even if the email is being created by an entrepreneur without much marketing experience, it can still be effective. It should use the same language and visuals that the rest of the marketing campaign consists of for cohesiveness. It does not have to take a long time to write and can instantly inform clients of new products or special deals.

Depending on the service, emails can be scheduled to go out at a certain time. This can allow for the creation of multiple emails, which can then be scheduled for release at different times and dates. This can help prevent accidents or missed release dates.

2. Tracking 

Curating an email list is a fantastic way to see how many people are interested in learning about the business. Most business emails contain a link that leads back to the company’s website. This link can be embedded with a tracker to record how many people arrived at the website via the email. This can allow future emails to be tailored to maximize clickthrough rates.

3. Customization 

An effective email marketing campaign effectively connects with the target audience. Depending on the intended demographic and the company’s brand, the tone can be fun, edgy, professional or casual. Adding pictures or videos can enhance the message.

If the client base is large or the company wants to break up customers based on certain criteria, then multiple lists can be created. Long-term customers can receive special rewards, while new customers can get discounts on companion products.

4. Low Cost 

The cost of sending thousands of emails is much lower than the cost associated with mailing traditional postcards or letters. There are no printing fees, paper, stamps or envelopes to contend with. There is also no need to pay an employee to create labels, stuff envelopes or take letters to the post office.

An email campaign can be a great way to stay in touch with customers and encourage repeat business. As long as the company is able to tweak the emails based on feedback and tracks the effectiveness of the campaign over time, it can work out well.