Annuity Financing & Structured Settlement

Make the Most of Your Money With Annuity Financing

Annuity financing can be a great way for a business to turn an existing annuity into a lump sum payment to enable a fast influx of cash. To this end, Jasema Capital has the experience necessary to help all businesses use their structured settlements to the greatest advantage. We provide a wide range of payment options, and can even help sell off a business’s total payment in one transaction.

Financing Tailored to Your Needs

Retaining control over one’s structured settlement is extremely important, especially when faced with unanticipated expenditures. Because a financial outlook can change without warning, access to much-needed funding can be crucial. This is particularly important when re-positioning your assets for future inheritances.

In this event, Jasema Capital can offer solutions tailored to your company’s needs. We also provide each and every client top-tier customer service, as illustrated by our lack of surrender fees. Such fees can make restructuring a settlement a risky prospect for many.

Annuity Financing & Structured Settlement
Annuity Financing & Structured Settlement

What You’ll Need to Request a Quote

Key pieces of information will be necessary when requesting a quote in order to gain a clear perspective on your available financing options. This will include:

  • First and Last Payment Dates
  • Amount of Payment
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Settlement Policy Number
  • Frequency of Payments


Thanks to our expansive industry expertise, we can even offer guidance to those clients lacking any of the above.

A Bright Financial Future Starts Now

At Jasema Capital, we remain dedicated to helping clients take full control over their structured settlements. Contacting a knowledgeable representative can be your first step towards making your money work for you.

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