Real estate is a highly competitive business, so successful agents approach their sales and marketing strategically. Although much of their previous business was dependent on word-of-mouth advertising, today’s agents are experiencing he benefits of digital marketing. However, getting noticed online can be a challenge, so these are a few tips to set yourself apart from your competition.

Develop a High-Quality Website

Make sure your website is user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate and mobile capable, which means it should load quickly and have the ability to resize for all screen types. Your site should include information about you, your experience and your listings.

You should also include valuable, informative content, such as tips for purchasing your home, gaining financing and budgeting for a mortgage. Don’t forget to include links that will help your customers. For example, you may link to movers; real estate brokers and other professionals on your team; companies that provide home services, such as lawn mowing or cleaning; and the local chamber of commerce for clients that are new to the area.

Build an SEO Strategy

For your site to be recognized and highly ranked on search engines, you need to implement an SEO strategy. Providing valuable content is a great first step. However, link your content to reputable industry sites and authorities on related services. Search engines require that new content is regularly created, so don’t allow weeks to go by before providing your clients with new information. If you are having difficulty creating content on your own, you may consider working with an individual or company that creates content.

You should also work with other websites to create backlinks. You can offer to guest blog or allow other blog owners to use you as a reference when they write their content. Request reviews from your customers as well, but don’t just have them post on your website. Ask them to also post in directories, such as HomeAdvisor, the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List.

Create Video Content

Video content produces 49% quicker results than text content. Therefore, consider producing virtual tours of your properties. These tours give your clients the opportunity to walk around the property with you. Be honest about what you see and how the spaces measure up. If there are unique features or upgrades, highlight them in your video. Make sure your clients can view your videos on any device, and leave room for their questions and responses under the post. Answer any questions you are asked about your properties. Post the video on all your social media accounts as well as your website.

Today’s marketplace requires active digital marketing strategy implementation. Real estate agents who use these tools better understand their clients, resulting in more efficient and effective sales processes.