Whether chiropractors are looking to expand their practices or are just starting out, they have many marketing options to choose from. It can be overwhelming to sort through the different marketing methods and recognize which ones will work best. While tactics may vary depending on the desired client base, some methods can reach a broad audience.

1. Create a Rewards Program 

One of the best ways to ensure repeat business is by making clients feel valued. A rewards program that offers discounts to loyal patients can boost return rates and the bottom line. Make sure that the rewards program will not result in a financial loss or overscheduling issues. For example, offering a discounted session after every tenth visit can be a good way to get clients to book regular appointments. However, offering free services to new clients may result in an influx of new patients who will not return as paying customers.

2. Develop a Social Media Presence 

Using social media platforms can allow chiropractors to interact meaningfully and instantly with current and potential clients. Each platform caters to a different audience, so it is important to find one that most closely aligns with the ideal target audience. When creating posts, it is a good idea to ensure each one has value to the reader. If people feel like they are being aggressively marketed to, they may unfollow the account.

3. Network With Other Businesses 

Banding together with other local businesses is a great way for everyone involved to prosper. By offering coupons for each other’s companies, businesses can help bolster sales for companies in the local area. Creating a yearly event where businesses gather to host games, sell food and pass out business cards can be a good way to become better known to clients.

Partnering with other medical establishments can also increase the client base. Offering to exchange referrals for certain services can ensure a steady stream of patients.

4. Use Email Lists 

Patients who do not regularly utilize chiropractic services may forget the name of the doctor or practice they attended. Curating an email list and sending relevant and timely reminders to clients can increase appointments. The emails should contain interesting information and a link to the practice’s website.

Building a steady client base can take time and effort. By utilizing a variety of ways to connect with clients, chiropractors can effectively market their services and build a thriving business.