Social media is a vital component of any effective marketing strategy in today’s small business environment. Given its reach, speed of engagement, and widespread use, intentional use of social media marketing will be a major asset in promoting your business and helping it thrive. While navigating social media may seem simple, a few basic techniques will allow your business’ social media presence to grow as useful and productive as possible.

1. Be Diverse in Your Use of Social Media

Engaging social media marketing means utilizing multiple platforms, and varying what sorts of content you put on each. Tweets are great for conveying information — but so is visual content, like an Instagram story. Different types of content will allow both current and future customers to see diverse sides of your business. Plus, you’ll be able to reach different customer profiles: some people prefer Facebook, others like Twitter, and by using them all, you will cast a wider net.

Varied content will also keep your audience engaged. It’s easy to get bored if a business is constantly saying or posting the same things. You’re likely to attract more attention with a dynamic social media presence, with a wide array of content.

2. Don’t Post Filler

Just because content is succinct or simple doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be substantive. Useful, informative, or otherwise engaging content will go a lot further than a bland post. Tell customers business-related stories, or inform and educate them on topics related to your business. Stay connected to contemporary and local events, particularly ones affecting your business.

Of course, don’t forget to bring it back to your business. Adding simple details like business hours, links to your online presence, and other specific reminders will serve to bring the conversation — and customers — back to you.

3. Be Honest, and Engage With Your Audience

This might seem mundane, but it’s essential! A warm, vital, and natural presence on social media will go much farther than a stilted or robotic one. In the same spirit, social media can be a great avenue for building relationships with customers. Respond to customer feedback, engage with and encourage comments, share customer stories, and hold and promote customer-oriented events — like giveaways or raffles — through social media.

Professional social media marketing is essential for any new or established company in today’s business environment. A few simple techniques can dramatically improve your business’ social media standing — and ultimately, enhance your company’s bottom line.